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"I would recommend "Create Shade" to anyone! We really appreciate how approachable and professional you and your staff are!"
- Shawn & Kelly

"Thanks for not only delivering the tent but great service and dispositions along with it! Be happy to work with you two anytime."
- Kate Ramsey

"Your super tent saved the day! Outside rain poured but inside there was sun, laughter & fun, great friends & the best family a couple could ask for! The service was excellent & you 2 are great to work with!"
- Jane & Gary
"Thank you for all your help on our special day…you guys are awesome people and we truly appreciated everything you did for us while planning our wedding day!"
- Aleisha & Matt

"Thank you for the excellent service we received. Your friendly and helpful manner made such a difference and instilled the trust we needed to relax."
- Quentin & Beth Day


Types of Tents for Rent

There are two basic types of tent styles:

Pole Tents:

  • Often call Traditional Tents, Centre Pole Tents or Tension Tents
  • Have one or more centre poles that bisect the middle of the tent
  • Anchor point must be in a precise location around the tents
  • Can inexpensively span a large area
  • Can have swooped peak roofs and high dramatic ceilings
  • Can be quickly installed on flat open areas
Create Shade Party Tent Rentals has many different sizes of pole tents

Frame Tents:
  • Often call Clear Span, Freedom Frame, Marquis or Freestanding tents
  • Have a clear area in the middle of the tent with an overhead frame
  • Can fit in areas where Pole Tents cannot
  • Have clear site lines
  • Are easily anchored on a variety of surfaces
  • Can come in a traditional Frame
Create Shade Party Tent Rentals has many options of frame tents

Every tent event is truly unique so please contact Create Shade Party Tent Rentals to receive your quote specifically designed to your function.

Product List:
  • White Café Chairs
  • 60” Round Tables; Seat 8 people
  • Banquet Tables: Various Sizes
  • Cruiser/Bar Tables
  • Lighting For Interior of Tents
  • Dance Floor: Various Sizes


Tent Questions:

Q: "What size of tent do I need?"
A: This is a very good question. There are a number of factors that affect the tent size for any given event.
    For Example:
  • the number of guests that your planning on having
  • the number in the wedding party for a head table
  • is the dinner going to be buffet or plated/served
  • do you require a bar area under the tent
  • dance floor
  • gift table just to list a few
Q: "Do the tents have to be anchored to the ground?"
A: Yes, with the extreme weather patterns throughout the summer months all tents Create Shade Party Tent Rentals install need to be anchored. Therefore stakes need to be driven 24" to 34" deep into the ground.

Q: "Do I have to locate underground lines?"
A: Yes, this is "EXTREMELY IMPORTANT" All underground lines must be located prior to installation of the tent. These lines include gas, electrical, communication, etc. Also location of septic systems, well lines and irrigations lines need to be located.

Q: "What determines whether or not a site visit is needed?"
A: Common sense normally dictates whether you require a site visit or not. If the space where you are planning on setting up the tent is large, flat and appears to be clear of any obstructions a site visit is probably not required. It's always a good idea to pace off or measure the area so you have a basic idea of its dimensions. If the space is irregular or if there are obstacles example: overhead lines, decks, gardens, trees, etc in the way then a site visit is often recommended.

Contact Create Shade Party Tent Rentals and our professional staff would be please to assist you with any questions